Extreme - Viper Wheel & Engine Cleaner (20L)

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Extreme - Viper Wheel & Engine Cleaner (20L)

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Extreme Premium Chemicals - Viper Wheel & Engine Cleaner (20L)

  • As the name suggests, Viper is an aggressive wheel and engine cleaner with maximum grease busting ability.
  • It contains a blend of alkaline salts, including sodium hydroxide, to break down grease and brake grime.
  • Surfacto-solvents then continue to solubilise the molecules and retain them in suspension to allow for free rinsing, enhanced clean.
  • Vipers non-ionic surfactant has no charge on its hydrophilic end, making it a superior oily soil emulsifier.
  • A high pH aggressive cleaner with bright green appearance
  • Fresh minty perfume.
  • 20L Drum
  • Dilution: 17-23:1 (red or white chemical tip)

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